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Group actions unite growers as a single voice with more influence than any individual could achieve alone.

AUSVEG VIC membership is a cost effective way to protect your very considerable investment in vegetable growing.

If your not a AUSVEG VIC member
we’d like you to join us !

The AUSVEG VIC represents all vegetable growers in Victoria. We will assist with your diverse troubles and interests, whether they be market related, difficulties with Federal, State or Local Government or horticultural matters on your farm.

The list of problems confronting growers is endless, however, the AUSVEG VIC will assist you where we can, particularly by lobbying the people who can make a difference.


The AUSVEG VIC is your voice :

When you’re a AUSVEG VIC member, we connect you with inspiring people in the vegetable industry.

We will provide you with fresh ideas and a range of resources and services that you won’t find anywhere else.

The AUSVEG VIC represents the views of growers and support activities which have a bearing on vegetable growing, industry development and business profitability and are in contact with Government as rural policy is developed.

  • We are in regular contact with the Australian Vegetable and Potato Growers Federation AUSVEG
  • AUSVEG VIC delegates advise Horticulture Innovation Australia on the best use of your Research and Development levy contributions.
  • We maintain a balanced attitude in our dealings with many kindred bodies
  • We circulate a range of verified information to improve crop quality and reduce costs of production.

The AUSVEG VIC is located at the Melbourne Markets – Footscray, and is ideally placed to represent grower interests in matters related to the Market, particularly as an effective interface with market management and the development of positive relationships with other market users.

The AUSVEG VIC represents all vegetable growers – commodity specialists, general growers, large producers and small specialist units. We stay in regular contact with our members, supplying both local and wider industry information.


  • is open to all Victorian growers and Industry associates
  • is not expensive – and it is tax deductible.

Join us today … call
AUSVEG VIC : 03 9882 0277

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