Aparagus – Stem Blight

Key Points:

  1. Caused by the fungus Phomopsis asparagi
    • Infects both fern and spears
    • Greatly reduces yield and leads to crown death
  2. Spores survive very well on crop debris
  3. There are currently no effective chemical control measures
  4. The main control method is removal of debris and spores by burning or encouraging breakdown before turning into the soil after fern

  5. Destroy volunteer seedlings and other
    unwanted asparagus plantings to control
    infection sources.

  6. Establish good farm hygiene practices and make sure visitors follow your

  7. See also: Matters of Facts No.21 download pdf 229kb

Matters of Facts #23 Asparagus Phomopsis, Stem Blight  June 2005
No.23 download pdf 303kb

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