Asparagus – Purple Spot

Key Points:

  1. Asparagus Purple Spot is caused by the fungus Stemphylium

  2. The disease
    has caused severe problems in recent years

  3. Losses from this disease are from spotting of spears
    which reduces marketability

  4. Repeated defoliation of
    ferns can reduce yield in later crops.

  5. The primary source of the disease is from
    infected fern debris from the previous crop

  6. The control of Purple Spot
    involves fern management and well-timed
    chemical treatments

    • Purple Spot can occur after 12 hours of leaf wetness.
    • Look for purple
      spot on green fern following wet weather
    • Burying or burning fern debris
    • Removing volunteer asparagus plants

Matters of Facts #08 Asparagus Stemphylium, Purple Spot November 2003
No.08 download pdf 95kb

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