Celery – Late Blight

Key Points:

  1. Septoria leaf spot or late blight is
    caused by the fungus Septoria apiicola

  2. It is most pronounced during extended
    periods of leaf wetness such as:

    • cool misty nights
    • heavy dews
    • dull
    • summer showers and autumn

  3. Control measures include:
    • Avoid use of excessive nitrogen
    • Use Healthy seed
      • heat treated seed with hot water  or;
      • fungicide seed treatment
    • Control disease in theseed bed
    • Remove volunteer plants
    • Use tolerant varieties (there are no resistant varieties)
    • Use a minimum of one year crop rotation

Matters of Facts #25 Celery Septoria, Leaf Spot, Leaf Blight  July 2005
No.24 download pdf 225kb

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