Chemical Residues

Maximum Residue Limits:

Pesticide residues on crops are monitored with reference to Maximum Residue Limits (MRL) based on analysis of the quantity of a product remaining on food product samples.

    • MRL’s are established by the APVMA and
      later ratified by FSANZ
    • There is a delay before FSANZ adopt a MRL
    • If there is no FSANZ MRL in place, any detection of
      an agricultural chemical above zero is a violation

Witholding period:

The time (days or weeks) stated on
a product label, between application of the
product and harvest

    • Ensures use will meet the acceptable Australian MRL
    • International markets may have different
    • You must confirm that ‘off-label’ product residue
      levels are ‘not detected’ by
      laboratory analysis
    • See also: Matters of Facts No.
      03 download pdf 87kb

Matters of Facts #13 Minimising Chemical Residues, March 2004
No.13 download pdf 312kb

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