Clubroot tests

Key Points:

  1. Clubroot disease, is
    responsible for up to 10% of crop
    losses each year in Australia

  2. Current diagnosis of clubroot in
    soil is only possible with
    complicated DNA-based laboratory

  3. Scientists from DPI Victoria and the United Kingdom are developing a rapid and inexpensive
    on-farm kit that will enable growers to do their own clubroot

  4. FARM HYGIENE – keep clubroot out of your farm
    • Clearly signpost limited access areas
    • Restrict access to the property where
    • Require visitors to report to reception, the
      farmhouse or provide a mobile number for them to call before entering the property
    • Insist on clean
      equipment being returned
      to your property
    • Make your hygiene requirements known to

Matters of Facts #35 On farm test for Clubroot Jun 2006
No.35 download pdf 128kb

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