Salinity Units

Key Points:

  1. Salinity refers to the presence of soluble salts in soil or water
  2. Soil salinity generally affects plant growth by making it more difficult for the plants to absorb water from the soil
  3. Excessive uptake of salts by plants from the soil may also have a direct toxic effect on the

  4. Saline water can also cause direct damage to the leaves
  5. Crops vary considerably in their capacity to withstand adverse effects of salinity.
  6. A number of field and laboratory tests can be used to assess salinity
  7. A range of different units can be quoted for salinity and can be confusing
  8. Salinity is usually measured as electrical conductivity (EC) of water or soil solution which is a good indicator of total dissolved salts

Matters of Facts #38 Salinity Unit Conversion Aug 2006
No. 38 download pdf 117kb

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