Farm Biosecurity

Key Points:

  1. Biosecurity measures are designed to protect crops from pests, diseases and weeds.
  2. International and domestic border controls provide a first line of defence that give
    growers time to prepare their on-farm control measures.

  3. Biosecurity measures will improve the opportunity for an industry to retain market
    access in the event of a pest or disease outbreak.

  4. Experience shows that good levels of farm hygiene are needed to prevent the
    introduction, spread and impact of serious plant pests, diseases and weeds.

  5. Prevention is better than cure
    • ASSESS the risks and consequences
    • DECIDE your values and WRITE them down
    • NOTIFY contractors and visitors
    • SIGNS will remind visitors of YOUR

Matters of Facts #34 Farm Biosecurity Jun 2006
No. 34 download pdf 302kb

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