Lettuce – Sclerotinia

Key Points:

  1. Sclerotinia diseases are a major cause of
    crop loss in a range of crops such as carrots,
    beans, brassicas and lettuce

  2. Crop losses can range from 10 to 45%

  3. Intensive cropping of
    susceptible crops in rotations has led to
    build up of the fungus in the soil

  4. Chemical controls are limited and
    under conditions of high disease-pressure
    these do not always prove effective

  5. Better application and timing of registered fungicides with the right volume of water will improve effectiveness

  6. BOSCALID is effective in controlling
    Sclerotinia on beans and lettuce

  7. Green manure Brassica crops in rotation will reduce disease
    carryover and suppress Sclerotinia development in the soil

  8. Select Sclerotinia tolerant crop rotations on high
    disease-pressure sites

  9. See also Matters of Facts No.7 download pdf 121kb

Matters of Facts #25 Sclerotinia Integrated Control  July 2005
No.25 download pdf 155kb

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