Poultry Litter

Key Points:

  1. Poultry litter has replaced stable manure as the principal low cost horticultural soil amendment on sandy

  2. Litter can improve crop yields by 10 to 20% by increasing the water holding capacity of sandy soils
  3. Poultry litter is also a valuable source of
    nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and trace
    elements required to grow food crops

  4. Extensive crop surveys have shown that
    growers using poultry litter in accordance with
    good management practice can be confident
    their produce will be safe for human

  5. Only purchase litter and organic products from HACCP accredited suppliers
  6. Store litter as far as possible from mature crops, packing sheds and other sensitive areas

Matters of Facts #16 Poultry Litter, Chicken Manure, Fowl Manure October 2004
No.16 download pdf 147kb

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