VG00044 Clubroot – Prevention & Hygiene

Clubroot is the most serious soilborne disease affecting brassicas world wide.

Clubroot is caused by Plasmodiophora brassicae Woronin, an obligate biotrophic parasite.

Australian crop losses are estimated at between 5 and 10% of production.

Clubroot is endemic in most of the major production regions of Victoria, New South Wales and

FACT :  Clubroot spores persist in soil and can be spread in soil or water


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Josie Lawrence

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VG00044 Clubroot - Prevention & Hygiene
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Sources of contamination include :

  • Soil carried onto the farm (machinery, bins, reused transplant trays etc)
    and dust blown in on the wind.

  • Water particularly from dams receiving runoff from infected paddocks.

Consider the following :

  • Restrict unnecessary movement into
    production areas by vehicles, people
    stock and machinery.

  • Clearly sign post to limit access.

  • Purchase high pressure washing equipment
    and use it routinely to minimise the movement
    of soil on equipment and machinery.

  • Provide a foot bath for visitors.

  • Identify and eliminate sources of contamination.

  • Keep seedling trays off the ground.

  • Return empty trays to a pallet or rack.

Check that :

  • Seedlings are of high quality and from a reputable source.

  • Dams are free of the clubroot pathogen and not receiving runoff from infected fields.

  • Shared equipment is thoroughly cleaned before entering your property.

  • All workers and visitors are aware of hygiene protocols.

  • Where possible always work the low risk areas before the high risk areas of the farm.

  • Use high pressure washing equipment at the end of each day.

Financial support for this research has been provided by: Horticulture Australia Limited, the vegetable
growers R&D levy and Stae Departments of Agriculture.

Thanks to the following growers for their assistance with trial work:

Con Ballan Geoff Cochrane Anthony Mason
David Milburn George Sabo Tony Wright
Sam Calameri Tom Winfield Andrew Doran
Mark Kable Kevin Temple Rod
Michael Camenzuli WU Yue Fang, ZHONE Cai Xia
Ha Sau Ying XIANG Cai Ji Robert Quirks
Dario Semenzin Harslett farms Greg Widderick

Thanks to the following for their technical assistance on the project:

Josie Lawrence Barbara
David Tooke Lisa Gibson
Jenny McGough Christina Bakker
Chang You Pan Kevin Lai
Alison Anderson Glenn Geitz
R. Palmer Kathy
David Richard Duncan Cameron
C. Haase  

Statistical advice by Fiona Thomson and Nam Ky Nguyen (Department of Primary Industries, Vic).

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