VG00048 Brassica Green Manure Update 18

Brassica green manure crops can increase the marketable yield of a following lettuce crop, by reducing losses from Sclerotinia minor infection.

However, the green manure crops did not reduce sclerotia viability but appeared to suppress the growth of the pathogen.

Other benefits of green manures that are often overlooked include:

  • reduced soil crusting
  • improved infiltration
  • increased organic matter
  • increases in beneficial microflora and microfauna .

Soil improvement following a Brassica may produce longer lasting effects on disease suppression and crop health, as well as soil ‘health’.

The following article describes field studies conducted to quantify the beneficial properties of brassica green manure crops.


Hoong Pung

Peter Aird

Sue Cross

Diane Sward

VG00048 Brassica Green Manure Crops
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