VG04013 White Blister – Control Strategies

Control white blister with a combination of management practices and a fungicide spray program.

Control irrigation
Avoid long periods of leaf wetness as spores need water to germinate and wet leaf surfaces to infect plants.

Crop Ventilation
Maintain good air movement to dry leaves off quickly and reduce infection

Crop Nutrition
Increased nitrogen may increase susceptibility to white blister

Increased levels of phosphorous and potassium may increase resistance to white blister, however, high rates of these fertilisers can stunt plants

Resistant varieties
Seed companies are actively selecting for white blister resistance in broccoli varieties

Farm Hygiene
Start clean, Stay clean

Chemical Control
Control white blister in crops before the disease develops to epidemic levels

Post Harvest
Ensure cool conditions during packing and transit as infections can develop after harvest.

VG04013 Management of white blister - control strategies 2005
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