VG07070 Foliar diseases

This study was conducted as part of HAL project VG07070, to determine the economics of managing downy and powdery mildew and white blister using aerial spore sampling, disease predictive models, irrigation and nutrients.


Liz Minchinton

Des Auer

Joanna Petkowski

VG07070 - Benchmarking Models, Aerial Spore Sampling, Irrigation and Nutrients
for downy mildew of lettuce and white blister on brassicas
Download 127kb

Contents :

  • Aerial spore sampling detection kit
  • Disease predictive models :

    • White Blister
    • Downy Mildew
  • Effect of Irrigation Time on Disease
  • Effect of Nitrogen on Disease

Acknowledgments :

Funding was provided by Australian vegetable growers (through the R & D levy) and the Department of Primary Industries, Victoria. The Australian Government provides matched funding for all HAL’s R&D activities.

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