VG07127 White Blister – Alternative Controls

Dr Joanna Petkowski, DPI Victoria

The aim of this project is to identify resistance to white blister rust in commercial cultivars of Brassica vegetables and alternative options for chemical control of the disease.

The experiment: Evaluation of non-conventional chemicals for control of White blister rust on two cultivars of Brassica rapa, Chinese cabbage and Pak Choi, under glasshouse conditions.

Glasshouse experiment was set up to determine if any of the four alternative treatments (Du-Wet, Nu-Film, Bion, and Bacillus subtilis) were more effective against white blister rust than no spraying at all and if any of these treatments were as effective as Amistar.

VG07127 Alternative controls for white blister on brassicas
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Results: There was no disease on seedlings of both cultivars treated with Amistar and Bion. Disease levels on seedlings of both cultivars sprayed with Du-Wet, Nu-Film, and B. subtilis did not vary significantly from unsprayed control. These alternative treatments were not effective against white blister rust as Amistar or Bion.

Bion was effective against the disease but extremely phytotoxic to plants.

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