Workplace Safety is EVERYONE’S responsibility

Occupational Health & Safety is a major issue for Australian agriculture. Work related injuries, payouts and fines threaten the viability of an industry already struggling to attract qualified staff..

forklift accident Fresh vegetables are supplied on same day timelines, often under harsh and repetitive working conditions.

This coupled with high worker turnover rates, increases the risk of workplace accidents.
The results of these accidents are often severe and irreversible.

  • Every day there are 10 injury claims reported in the agricultural industry.
  • A person is fatally injured on an Australian farm every 3 days.
  • 50 people have been killed on Victorian farms since 1999.

The Victorian OH&S Act (2004) requires that employers:

  • maintain a safe work environment for your workers, contractors and visitors and not expose other persons to risks to their health and safety from your activities.
  • inform, train and supervise your workers and contractors to ensure they can work safely and without health risks.
  • workers also have entitlements to compensations and rehabilitation
  • notify WorkSafe Victoria immediately on 132 360 of any workplace death or serious injury, or any incident that could have caused death or serious injury.

While there has been a continuing improvement over the last 10 years, there are still far too many workplace accidents.

Increased civil and criminal culpability for those found blameworthy has made effective OH&S training and workplace risk management an essential part of YOUR business.

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