Peter Schreurs & Sons

Peter Schreurs & Sons operate their family business on 200ha at Devon
Meadows, 50km SE of Melbourne.

Lines include export & domestic leeks as well as raddichio, asian veg and
cos lettuce.

Their approach values high quality produce through sustainable production practices
which seek to improve soil health and favour biologically oriented IPM practices.

Established in 1964, Peter Schreurs and Sons Vegetable Farm has over 40 years experience in growing some of the best quality vegetables on the market.

We specialise in growing 7 different vegetable varieties which are Leeks, Parsnip, Baby Cos Lettuce, Baby Endive, Baby Wombok, Kohl Rabi and Radicchio.

One of our main goals in producing fresh vegetables is to work towards producing them using sustainable practices. We are focussing on what we know to be best practice. Best practice is taking on all the information from conventional farming, organics, biodynamics, traditional and modern farming and applying this to our production fields.

What we are achieving through this, is our farm has a more diverse and resilient natural environment, with production fields that are healthier becoming more productive, and the business as a whole remains viable and progressive securing the future for our employees and families.

In 2008, Peter Schreurs was honoured as Australan Grower of
the Year
in recognition of his contribution to the
promotion of Industry best management practices.

Website features include:

  • Available vegetable crops
  • Descriptions of cropping practices
  • Instructive video clips showing how vegetables are

Peter Schreurs & Sons website


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