BOOSTER – the Super Broccoli

Updated: 19/08/2009

Vital Vegetables® have just launched BOOSTERTM, a new super broccoli scientifically proven to contain 40 percent more naturally protective and powerful antioxidants than regular varieties.

Vital Vegetables® are are neither genetically modified nor artificial in any way but have been selectively bred using traditional techniques.

Antioxidants are natural compounds found in foods that can prevent diseases including heart disease and cancer.

Vital Vegetables Booster Broccoli

The high concentration of antioxidants in Booster BroccoliTM enables you to boost your defences against disease, naturally.

Booster BroccoliTM is naturally resistant to white blister and some other plant pests, so it can be grown with fewer protectant sprays.

Crops are grown by local Australian farmers using sustainable farming practices including minimal fertiliser and water use.

A further 15 Vital Vegetables® are in development, all packed with more nutritional goodness than regular varieties.

Source : Stock & Land – 17 August, 2009
              Horticulture Australia – Winter 2009

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