Darren Schreurs – Australia’s BEST Farm Spray Operator

Updated: 20/08/2009

Last night, Victorian vegetable grower Darren Schreurs was awarded Australia’s leading spray operator at the National AgQuip field day in Gunnedah, NSW.

The inaugral Sustainable, Productive and Responsible Applicator of the Year award is an initiative of leading crop protection company Syngenta and Rural Press.

More than 120 spray operators nationwide entered for the award which carried a study tour to the United Kingdom and a spray prize pack valued at $15,000.

The Award recognised the best of the many thousands of Australian growers who are making sustainable and responsible use of crop protection products to enhance the productivity of their farms.

“While all State finalists had strengths in particular areas of pesticide application, Darren excelled across all judging criteria.”

Darren impressed the judges with his commitment to IPM, farm design to reduce spray drift, follow-up field inspections to gauge effectiveness of pesticide applications, and crop spray record traceability for his customers.

“Without a doubt, this was best practice at its best and I hope that many others will learn a lot from Darren’s experiences.”

Source : Stock & Land – 20 August 2009

Darren Schreurs  SPRAY award 2009
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