Endosulfan – the facts

Updated: 26/02/2009

Endosulfan – Facts

Source:   APVMA – January 2009

Endosufan user noticeEndosulfan is registered for use in Australia on a number of crops to control a variety of insects and mites.

The Australian Pesticide &Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) reviewed endosulfan in 2005 and restricted many uses for endosulfan and imposed further
conditions of its use.

The recent decision by New Zealand to revoke approval of endosulfan and prohibited its importation, manufacture and use, has drawn much comment.

Endosulfan was being used in New Zealand to control earthworms in sportsfields, raising concerns about the health & safety risks to players … Endosulfan is not approved for this purpose in Australia.

There are also regulatory differences between countries.

New Zealand bases its decisions on published sources of information and does not have the power we have in Australia to demand additional information from chemical companies.

The APVMA’s considers that endosulfan registrations in Australia remain appropriate given the scientific evidence and the controls that are in place.

It should be noted that this position is evidence-based and may change if new studies emerge which clearly indicate that endosulfan poses risks that cannot be successfully managed.

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