Farm Safety Course

Updated: 20/02/2010

HortSkills Australia are offering a Farm Safety course specially designed for vegetable growers.

Well qualified and experienced trainers will help you implement a OH&S system that is painless to set up and easy to monitor and maintain.

The course will:

  • Identify all high-risk activities and associated hazards in your workplace.
  • Enable you to develop and implement controls for each hazard to prevent an incident occurring.
  • Set up a program of review to ensure that OH&S system is a priority in your business enterprise.

HortSkills Australia - Farm Safety Training

On successful completion, course participants will be issued with certificates for the following Nationally recognised competencies:

RTC4701A  – Implement and monitor the enterprise OHS program
RTC5701A  – Establish and maintain the enterprise OHS program

Unit credits can go towards the Diploma of Horticulture or other qualifications

   When:    This short course begins Mid April
Cost  :    $935.00 inc GST

For more information contact: Chris Bergemann   9654 8822

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