Future food and farming

Updated: 27/10/2008

Source: Australian Conservation Foundation – Monday, 27 Oct 08

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‘Business as usual’ is not an option for Victorian farming and food, as our rapidly changing climate, increasingly expensive oil, and declining land and river health threaten to undo our State’s impressive productivity and prosperity.

A new report released today by the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) – Paddock to Plate: Food, Farming & Victoria’s Progress to Sustainability – challenges not just the way we produce food, but also the way it is hauled, stored, processed and consumed.

Consumers already feel the pressure of rising petrol and food prices, and with climate change looming, this will only intensify, says ACF’s Rural Landscapes Campaigner, Corey Watts.

“The good news is that we can turn crisis into opportunity and position the State as a world leader in premium foods with trusted clean, green credentials – bringing greater returns to farmers, health dividends, innovation, new exports and new regional jobs.”

An Australian first, Paddock to Plate (pdf 6670 kb) , has been prepared by leading farming and environmental thinker Andrew Campbell, former head of Land & Water Australia. Rich in information and fresh ideas, the report explores sustainable directions for food and farming in Victoria.

Contact: Kate Fenby, ACF Communications Adviser on 03 9345 1126 or 0400 926 675

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