National Biosecurity Report

Updated: 30/05/2011

Plant Health Australia have released a 180 page report on the status of Australia’s Plant Biosecurity systems.

The report provides an overview of Australia’s plant biosecurity system and details the resources that are deployed across the country to safeguard Australian plant production industries.

The report covers the plant pests of greatest concern to Australian industries, the organisations and processes involved in keeping those industries free from plant pests, and some 800 plant health research projects undertaken by Australian research organisations and universities.

National Plant Biosecurity Status Report
LINK : Plant Health Australia

“It is the comprehensiveness of the information in the Status Report that makes it so useful” says Dr Tony Gregson AM, Chairman of Plant Health Australia.

“By pulling all of this information together, the Status Report is the ultimate reference volume, providing a veritable mine of information. Being presented in a clear, easy to understand format makes it readily accessible for audiences too.”

“We know from previous editions how valuable this resource is to government and industry. It provides reassurance to producers and consumers about the robustness of Australia’s plant biosecurity system and has been used to support international trade negotiations.”

Dr Tony Gregson
Dr Tony Gregson AM, Plant Health Australia Chairman,

Dr Gregson said it is easy to take our relatively pest-free environment for granted. “Because of our geographical isolation and the strong performance of our national plant biosecurity system, Australian producers don’t face the same pest problems that many other countries do. But we cannot afford to be complacent.”

“By providing a window onto Australia’s plant biosecurity system, the Status Report is aiding decision making, deployment of resources and application of risk-based approaches to biosecurity and making a direct contribution to preserving our prized pest free status.”

Source: Plant Health Australia – 30 May 2011

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