Pesticide Problems in China

Updated: 20/04/2009

Epoch Times – 17 April, 2009
             Greenpeace China – 9 April2009


Cheap frozen vegetables from China ?

Think Again..!

Greenpeace China have found supermarket vegetables sold in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou carry a lot of pesticides.

  • Only five out of 45 samples tested clear of pesticides.
  • Traces of 50 different pesticides were found.
  • Many samples had two or more pesticide residues, some up to 10!

The problem of multi-pesticide use is very serious. Many farmers have no idea what that cocktail of poisons does to the environment, themselves or to us.

An official in Guangdong province said that the abuse of pesticides had increased in recent years.

China’s farmers are using pesticides to get the ‘pest-free appearance’ demanded by the supermarkets.

The local farmers don’t eat what they sell to supermarkets.

Pesticide use in China
Greenpeace Cihina

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