Soil carbon a must for emissions trading

Updated: 09/07/2008

source: LUCY SKUTHORP – Rural Press


Soil carbon must be recognised if agriculture is to be part of an emissions trading scheme, according to economist Professor Ross Garnaut, who today released a draft report into Australia’s response to climate change.

He has recommended in his report to the Federal Government that the agriculture sector be initially left out of an emissions trading scheme.

“It’s very important that the arrangements put in place give true credit for carbon that is in the soil,” Professor Garnaut said.

“That’s one of the reasons we can’t go quickly with agriculture is because we’re still working out how to measure that.”

“Getting the measurement right and the administration right is crucial and a lot is going to be depending on that,” he said.

“But my view is we shouldn’t be moving to put agriculture in until we’ve got that right.”

* Click here to read the DRAFT Garnaut report.

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