Strategic Plan for Victoria

Updated: 05/09/2009

Victoria’s much awaited Vegetable Industry Strategic Plan has been just been released.

Five specific areas are identified where development will better prepare Victorian vegetable businesses for future success.

The Plan sets out a vision for
the Victorian industry which aligns with the National
Strategic Plan, VegVision 2020 (pdf 832 kb).

Industry Development Officers appointed under the Victorian Governments ‘Better Servces to Farmers’ initiative, will progress the Plan.

Vegetable growers have adopted many of the recent
advances in agronomy, irrigation, pest management,
variety improvement, mechanisation, supply logistics and quality

Further advances are needed in plant physiology, business management, market
development and people management.

Victorian vegetable growers can look forward to improving their businesses as the Plan is implemented across Victoria.


Vegetable Strategic Plan
  Media release – pdf 241kb  

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