UK concern for Fruit & Veg

Updated: 19/01/2009

The EU decision to ban key plant protection products – vital for controlling weeds and plant pests – “will limit Europe’s capacity to provide affordable quality produce” warns Nigel Jenney, CEO of the Fresh produce Consortium - LOGOUK Fresh Produce Consortium.

While UK growers are leaders in integrated pest management, controlling common weeds and plant pests may well become uneconomic without alternatives to an already limited range of crop protectants.

Nigel Jenney“Lower crop yields will mean hard-pressed consumers will have to pay higher prices for their fruit and vegetables, including apples, pears, raspberries, leeks, peas and beans.”

“With rising obesity levels across Europe it is essential that we encourage more people to eat fresh fruit and vegetables.”

“We must continue to provide a sustainable supply of fresh produce for an increasing population against competing pressures on agricultural land and the impact of climate change”, said Mr Jenney.

FPC calls for a common sense approach with safeguards to minimise the impact on UK horticulture, before the
implementation of the EU Regulation next year.

The restrictions will have a significant impact on horticulture, leading to the removal of key products over a period of time.

The ruling will ban plant protection products that MIGHT have adverse effects on human health.

Over 45 actives will be discontinued, including the Group 3 fungicides,
Currently, these products are not considered to have a significant impact on human health.

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