Werribee growers to benefit from grants

Updated: 08/07/2008

source: ‘Irrigation and Water Resources’ magazine, Winter 2008

Vegetable growers at Werribee South are set to benefit from a $120,000 SmartWater grant to identify best practice strategies for the use of recycled water.

The grant was awarded to the Victorian Department of Primary Industries, in conjunction with Southern Rural Water and AgChallenge P/L and supplements $185,000 already allocated to this work.

The project will undertake on-farm surveys, grower focus groups and demonstration trials to identify which farm management practices are protective against soil salinity and sodicity, with communication of these results to other growers within the region.

Smartwater grants were also awarded to:

  • Victoria University to research improved water purification efficiencies.
  • Monash University to reduce water consumption and heavy metal discharges from electroplating industries.

The Smartwater fund is an initiative of Melbourne’s water businesses – City West Water, South East Water, Yarra Valley Water, Melbourne Water – and the Victorian Department of Sustainability and Environment.

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