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Our Association Magazine aims to:

  • PROMOTE informed discussion of issues of concern to Growers
  • RECOGNISE industry innovation and success
  • SHOWCASE research funded by the vegetable growers R&D levy

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July 2015“I have recently attended several Conferences and asked the question: Are they worth attending? The answer is definitely yes…. Go to article.

April 2015“I trust you and your families had an enjoyable Easter, as I did with my family; autumn is just a fantastic time of the year…. Go to article.

December 2014“Wow, another year has come and gone! They seem to be going faster each year – or we’re getting slower …
David… Go to article.

September 2014“Is there a future in this industry?” That seems to be my most-received question. Where are we headed?
High input costs,… Go to article.

June 2014I hope everybody enjoyed the Easter period with family and friends, followed by ANZAC Day – a day to reflect on our past and current… Go to article.

March 2014It’s been a long 10-week period with extreme dryness and heat. It certainly has been a challenge for growers to maintain… Go to article.

December 2013Where has this year gone? And what a year it has been for our fellow growers! Have we stepped up the pace or what? It seems that… Go to article.

September 2013The past month has been full of meetings and conferences, as well as discussions with fellow growers, industry people, government… Go to article.

July 2013The Victorian consumer has certainly hit the jackpot this year. Consumers are definitely a big winner, being able to buy the world’s… Go to article.

March 2013This year has started with a hectic pace, planting, watering and harvesting the world’s best veggies. Where is the recognition… Go to article.

December 2012This year seems to have gone so fast … or is it me getting slower ?  I think we’re doing the same jobs but as years… Go to article.

September 2012This year seems to have gone so fast … or is it me getting slower?. I think we’re doing the same jobs but as years go by… Go to article.

June 2012As President, with your VGA committee members, we appreciate all your hard work, knowledge, expertise and capital finance laid… Go to article.

March 2012On the growing side of things it has been the best start in years. You come into the office, however, sit down at your desk, change… Go to article.

December 2011It’s certainly an honour to be President again after 20 years and I’d like to thank everybody sincerely for their encouraging… Go to article.

September 2011Greetings to Vegetable Growers and Industry Associates.
It has been a testing time for growing vegetables in Victoria with a… Go to article.

June 2011In my summer report I wrote about the floods and of the many crop losses in our industry from all around eastern Australia…. Go to article.

March 2011The Executive’s approval of the new Vegetable Growers Association of Victoria Strategic Plan has helped in my decision… Go to article.

Spring 2010The weather cycle has turned and the long awaited rainfall has arrived and provided more than normal averages.
This has… Go to article.

Winter 2010Looks like our normal winters are back; cold, wet and miserable.
Even our vegetables have gone into shock and stopped… Go to article.

Autumn 2010I hope you and your families all had a safe and restful Easter.
Thank God the summer weather was not as hot as… Go to article.

Summer 2010What unusual weather we have had since my spring report.
Good rains in some areas, with none in others and also… Go to article.