A Food Hub in Casey ?

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Preliminary research is being conducted into the potential for the creation of a Food Hub in the City of Casey.

The Victorian Eco Innovation Lab (VEIL) at the University of Melbourne is conducting this initial research with funding from VicHealth.

Food Hubs can make it easier for people to access fresh, seasonal foods, by improving channels and facilities for farmers to sell into local markets.

A Food Hub in Casey ?
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The food hub concept comes from the USA where there are over 160 operating to create affordable and convenient ways for the public to access local fresh food.

Food Hubs work directly with farmers to assist in the marketing and distribution of fresh products, strengthening long-term local supply by providing fair returns to farmers.

The key ideas that have emerged from the initial research include:

  • Increasing market access for local growers.
  • A fast and convenient source of healthy, delicious, local and affordable meals for busy families.
  • Training, employment and business opportunities for the community.

Food Hub
Food Hubs for healthy and resilient local food systems

Food hubs could change the economics of consumption of local food and provide viable support for farmer-producers.

Is this a concept that local vegetable growers could consider as a small part of their distribution and marketing program ?

For more information contact :

Rod Hall
IDO – West
John Runting
IDO – East

0403 215 935 idowest@vgavic.org.au

0417 356 364 idoeast@vgavic.org.au

Helena Whitman
VGA Executive Manager
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