Broccoli to Japan

The key findings from the HIA and vegetable levy funded project -Market Analysis and Strategy: Broccoli to Japan- are now available on Trade and Investment Queensland’s website:

Broccoli to Japan
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A combination of factors has placed Australia in a position to re-enter the Japanese fresh broccoli market and target the retail and high end food service segments.

Seven key factors have been identified as critical to re-establish Australian broccoli exports to Japans retail and high end food service sectors.

The focus should be on differentiating Australian broccoli from competitors on the basis of high quality, consistent supply and food safety issues.

Significant support will be needed to resume Australia’s exports to this market, as it will require a shift from air to sea freight, a focus on quality and shelf-life, building relationships and gaining an in-depth understanding of the needs of Japanese customers and consumers so that Australian broccoli can be successfully differentiated from its competitors.

Project Steering Committee

L to R Dominic Jenkins – VegetablesWA, Robert Nave, Fragapane Farms, Adriano Brescia – TIQ, Kees Versteeg – Qualipac, Mr Nishikawa – Union Corporation, James Terry – Momack Produce, Darren Wood – Withcott Group, Bronwyn Warfield – TIQ, Daiji Takashima – TIQ

The website features snapshots of the key sections of the project including desktop research, supply chain maps of broccoli exports to Japan for Australia, United States and domestically produced Japanese broccoli.

Also included are summaries of the key market segments and a consumer profile of the main Japanese buyers of broccoli.

A series of videos is also featured on the website.

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