Call for New Project Ideas

HAL and AUSVEG have announced a new opportunity for growers and grower groups to suggest R&D projects for consideration by the Vegetable Industry Design Teams.

This process involves completion of the suggestion form that is available here.

Growers seeking assistance to complete the forms should contact one of our Industry Development Officers who would be happy to assist.

Call for R&D Proposals
Download 110kb

A summary of the direct project suggestion process is outlined below :

Stage 1) In the first instance the grower or grower body should write directly to HAL and copy the Peak Industry Body AUSVEG with a short outline of the project idea and what it aims to achieve.

This form should be emailed to HAL and AUSVEG, or preferably, directly uploaded through the AUSVEG website.

Stage 2) Short outlines of project ideas will be passed on to the Industry Design Teams to: a. Determine whether or not to proceed with the development of the project idea. b. If there is interest in advancing the proposed project concept a brief expanding on the project may then be developed by either HAL or the original proponent

Stage 3) At this stage HAL reserves the right for project ideas to then go through a formal tender process.

Horticulture Australia

For more information contact :

Rod Hall
IDO – West
John Runting
IDO – East

0403 215 935

0417 356 364

Helena Whitman
VGA Executive Manager
0407 772 299

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