Chemical Security

A wide range of readily available chemicals are used by Australian individuals and businesses every day.

Ninety-six of these chemicals have been identified as requiring attention because of their potential for misuse by terrorists. These are known as Chemicals of Security Concern Download pdf.

Eleven chemicals are listed as being particularly high-risk because they can be used to make homemade explosives and are the subject of the voluntary National Code of PracticeDownload pdf. The remaining chemicals also have the potential to be misused, as they are poisonous and can be used to make toxic devices.

Chemicals of Security Concern
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Due to the internet, it is very easy for people with sinister motives to obtain information about which chemicals to use to make explosive or toxic devices.

By remaining vigilant about chemical security and alert to suspicious behaviour, we can all help to defend against those who seek to cause harm using chemicals stolen from farm storage areas.

For more information, including what you can do to help keep Australia safe from terrorism, visit:

Good security makes good business sense. Protect your valuable stock and your business reputation by keeping your chemicals secure.

Chemicals of Security Concern

Aside from implementing strong security measures, be mindful of suspicious behaviour or unusual behaviour could including :

  • someone asking questions about your security or taking photos of your premises.
  • someone asking unusual questions about the chemicals held on site.
  • stolen or missing chemicals, including discrepancies with stock deliveries.

If it does not feel right, report your concerns

For more information contact :

Helena Whitman
VGA Executive Manager
0407 772 299

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