Compost Field Day

A field walk was held recently at Arnotts Vegetable Farms at Clyde, to share and discuss the findings of trials on the application of composts and organic manures.

Craig Arnott welcomed visitors to his farm at the introduction to the field day. “Over the years we have grown many varieties of vegetables, but since the mid 80’s bunching lines have been our specialty. Growing, harvesting, packing and supplying the best quality vegetables available, is our policy.”

Compost Field Day at Clyde
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Guests speakers told how the compost applications provided an initial feed source for the natural soil biology whilst also opening the soil to allow additional oxygen and water into the soil profile.

The trial examined different application rates of compost though no single treatment stood out as the best.

Craig believes that using compost was beneficial and suggested it would be more economical to apply only once a year to reduce the cartage and application costs.

Craig went on to add “Compost has its place in our production system. By using compost we will increase soil organic matter and soil health. Soil is our most important asset and we want to look after it properly.”

Compost Field Day at Clyde

Some of the observations from the compost treatments included :

• The heaviest compost application tended to reduced root growth in Coriander.

• Slight increase in cation exchange capacity.
• Substantial increases in soil nitrate levels.
• Slight increase in soil temperatures.

For further information on the compost application trials contact:

Slobodan Vujovic, Compost Victoria :        
0422 583 784

Sandra McPhee,      
Western Port Catchment Landcare Network :
0407 826 649




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