Field Crop Chemicals Not Welcome Indoors

Field crop growers with areas of protected crops could risk misusing chemicals if they assume that a product recommended for a field crop use is also suited for use in a protected cropping situation. 

This applies to all covered situations such as seedling nurseries, plastic or glass structures and crops under cloches or shadecloth, where an enclosed airspace is created.

Field crop chemicals not welcome indoors
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Under protective structures, environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, light levels and air flow/ventilation, can differ greatly from outdoor cropping situations.

Accordingly, some agricultural chemicals are prohibited from use in protected cropping environments.

Products prohibited for use in protected cropping situations will carry a prohibitive label statement such as :

‘DO NOT use on crops produced hydroponically
or in glasshouse and other covered situations’ 
‘DO NOT use in covered or protected situations
such as glasshouses, greenhouses or plastic tunnels’

seedling polyhouse
Read the label and observe safe re-entry periods

It is critical that users also observe safe re-entry periods, follow the safety directions and use the personal protective equipment stated on product labels to minimise OH&S risks.

The safe re-entry period is important to protect workers from exposure to harmful chemicals.

When selecting a chemical for use in protected cropping situations, speak to your local reseller for advice on which products best suit your operation.

Source: Jonathan Fahey – DPI Victoria

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