Flower & Garden Show a Hit

The DPI Horticulture Industry Network (HIN) hosted a meeting of Industry Development and Executive Officers at the recent Melbourne Flower and Garden Show.

Presentation of regional and industry reports indicated that all industry groups had been impacted in some way by the seasonal conditions and low prices with exports down due to the high dollar. Discussions focused on use of multimedia and social networks and online learning.

The meeting was followed by an Award Presentation for flower growers. Between events, there was an opportunity to view some of the displays at the Show which included some very interesting uses of vegetables.

Melbourne Flower & Garden Show
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The quality and caliber of displays was very high, showcasing what can be achieved with some imagination and creativity. The displays featuring vegetables focused on ‘growing your own’ in small areas and using vegetables as floral art.

VGA President David Wallace inspects a vegetable display
VGA President David Wallace inspects a vegetable display

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IDO – East

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