Fresh Produce Safety

A new Fresh Produce Safety – Australia & New Zealand website has recently been launched with the aim of providing the fresh produce industry with up to date information on food safety practices.

The FPS website, at, has been established as part of a major project to identify a model and priorities for fresh produce safety research and extension.

The website will also raise awareness of the challenges for fresh produce safety and the importance of enhancing current safety practices.

Fresh Produce Safety Website
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The project has three critical objectives :

First, to plan how the fresh produce industry will handle major food safety outbreaks in the region, particularly in crisis mitigation and management, and consumer communication;

Second, to identify research needs that are specific to the Australian and New Zealand fresh produce industry and to develop local or international collaborative partnerships in research, outreach and education to address these needs; and

Third, to translate relevant research outcomes from the Center for Produce Safety at the University of California-Davis, for application in the Australasian fresh produce industries.

Fresh Produce Safety Website
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The website includes downloads from the recent ‘Building a New Paradigm’ summit, resources, research, e-learning, events and other useful information.

Visit the website at and subscribe to receive a free newsletter which will provide important food safety updates.

For more information contact :

Rod Hall
IDO – West
John Runting
IDO – East

0403 215 935

0417 356 364

Helena Whitman
VGA Executive Manager
0407 772 299

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