Improving Horticulture Training

VGA-Victoria has been invited to be part of the on-going process to improve Vegetable Traineeships and Apprenticeships.

It may sound to be the same old wordy shuffle, but unless the VGA actually hears from members and represents your views, then vegetable growers won’t be a party to decisions being made about course content and the manner of delivery at training centres.

Improving Horticulture Training
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A Primary Skills Victoria report of its recent Industry Forum concluded that:

  1. Victoria now operates under a demand driven system where government funding for training is linked to eligible students.

  2. Training now operates under a fully contestable model where public and private training providers openly compete.

This means that the students have the funds via their eligibility due to age, industry employment or special support program.

It is then up to the training institutions to offer courses that these students want to attend and for which they will pay.

TAFEs and private RTO’s can offer courses that are responsive to industry or trainee needs, as indicated by eligible students requesting enrolment in particular courses.

Vegetable production Training
Vegetable Production Training

In summary – you are now more likely to get what you ask for !
The ideas you have may be about :

  • the manner of delivery of the training
  • the type of assessment
  • recognition of prior learning
  • problems with previous schemes

Please make your requirements for training of employees known to VGA Victoria; whatever the topic, whatever the proposal, whatever your particular requirement.

Please contact :

Rod Hall
VGA Membership Services

0403 215 935

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