Locusts 2010

Victoria is gearing up for the greatest locust threat in 40 years …

Australian Plague Locusts can be devastating pests of agriculture due to their ability to quickly develop very large populations and to form dense and highly mobile swarms.

Locust swarms can cause severe damage to pastures, field, and vegetables crops wherever they land.

DPI have been monitoring locust egg bed sites across Victoria since February in preparation for a large scale operation in spring when the locusts hatch.

The major area of locust activity for the 2010 spring/summer season is expected to be across Northern Victoria from Mildura to Bendigo and from Horsham to Shepparton.

Growers in other parts of Victoria are also alerted as migratory locust flights up to 800 km can occur at night on warm winds.

Australian Plague Locusts 2010
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The control of locusts in Victoria is the responsibility of the land manager.

Victorian farmers will receive a 100 per cent rebate of the purchase price of registered chemicals used to treat locust hoppers on their properties during Spring 2010.

This will enable locusts on private land to be dealt with efficiently and without undue personal hardship.

For more information or to report locust activity,
please call the DPI Locust Hotline on 1300 135 559

or your Industry Development Officer :

Helena Whitman
IDO – West
Slobodan Vujovic
IDO – East

0407 772 299

0422 583 784

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