New Faces on Water Committee

Southern Rural Water has welcomed three new members to the irrigation district’s Customer Consultative Committee (CCC), Werribee growers Tony Miletic and Amedeo Mason, and Bacchus Marsh grower Kris Pigott.

Southern Rural WaterSRW Manager – Water Supply West, Edward Smith, has paid tribute to Con Ballan and fellow long-serving members Alec Berias and John Faranda who recently finished their term on the committee.

“All three of these gentlemen have given years of service to the district through this committee. Alec started before 1995 and has served two terms as chair and two terms as deputy chair. Con has also served as deputy chair, and John has served for six years as a member.”

New Faces on SRW Committee
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“I thought I would join to see what I could learn. I felt a bit in the dark about how the district operated and I figured the only way to learn was to join the CCC. I did learn a lot. Now I know how the system works, rather than just thinking I knew what was going on”, said Con Ballan.

Con believes the introduction of recycled water to the irrigation district from Melbourne Water’s western treatment plant was one of the greatest challenges the committee faced whilst he was on board. As for the challenges ahead for the new committee, he says three things are always on the agenda: Water Quality, Volume and Price.

Sources:     Southern Rural Water – Werribee-Bacchus Marsh customer committee

Photos courtesy of Southern Rural Water and Melbourne Market Authority.

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