New R&D Process

A recent report from AUSVEG CEO Richard Mulcahy outlined the new structure for project funding by HAL.

IAC Committee chair Jeff McSpedden says over the next three years, two thirds of the $45 million research funding will go into studying consumers and developing markets, and just one third will be spent on farm projects.

New R&D Process
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Under the new Strategic Investment Plan (SIP), the previous Working and Advisory Groups will be replaced by 3 Design Teams – one each for Consumer Alignment, Market & Value Chain Development and Farm Productivity, Resource Use & Management.

The IAC will determine the priority areas for the Design Teams to focus on and design projects around. The projects will then be commissioned by HAL who will invite service providers to submit proposals for these projects on a select tender basis.

The new system will not be based on submissions being called for as in the past, that is, an open call each October, where researchers and industry were able to put up projects for consideration by the Working Groups.

The Design Teams will then consider these projects and make recommendations to the IAC who in turn will recommend projects to HAL for funding.

There will also be a Technical Advisory Group who will provide guidance to the IAC and Design Teams.

IAC members Mark Napper (left) and Danny De Ieso (right)
IAC members Mark Napper and Danny De Ieso

Mr Mulcahy said that every effort has been made to ensure strong grower representation on all teams and AUSVEG will continue as the secretariat for the IAC and Teams and will play an advisory role.

Industry is encouraged to make representations through the appropriate organisations – HAL or AUSVEG.

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