Quad Bike Safety

Four wheeled motorbikes (quad bikes) are a leading cause of death and serious injury on Australian farms.

In 2011, there were 18 quad bike related fatalities on Australian farms. Quad bike incidents have mostly been reported on livestock & cropping farms, but any safety response will apply equally to vegetable production enterprises as well.

Workplace deaths and serious injuries always trigger a response from safety authorities and the frequency of quad bike related injuries is under examination.

Quad bike safety
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The most contentious issue is the proposed installation of safety rollover bars. The merits of rollover bars are contested by the manufacturers of quad bikes. Implementing even basic safety measures may have reduced the incidence of death or serious injury to quad bike users.

The basic safety requirements are that riders of adult sized bikes are over 16 years of age and that a motorcycle helmet is worn.

Quad Bike Roll Bar

The terrain on vegetable farms may seem to present few hazards to quad bike users, but this can be deceptive. While it may seem OK to travel faster on well graded headlands, these can be ridged by tractor or trailer wheel tracks, and very slippery when wet.

Staff training & instruction is always very important. Age restrictions and helmet use need to be enforced at all times

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