Tribute to Max Muir

We sadly mark the passing of Max Muir, Chairman of E.E. Muir & Sons, on the 7th June 2011, aged 85.

Max is remembered as an “honourable man”, generous to his employees, a man who led by example, and a respected and valued associate of the Victorian vegetable industry.

His legacy of business ethics lives on in the generations who are following in his well-laid tracks. Max will be missed, but not forgotten

Tribute to Max Muir
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In the early 1960’s, Max encouraged growers to adopt the newly developed high analysis Rustica Range of fertilisers.

Growers benefited greatly from these slow release fertilisers with micro nutrients that were much needed on Melbourne’s sandy soils. Benefits came through quickly with high yields in wet weather when other top dressings could not be easily applied.

Max loved the industry and made numerous close friendships with growers over many years. Though he had no active involvement in the company for the past 15 years, he was always keen to know what was going on in the industry.

Max was very proud to see the recent nationwide expansion of his company.

His legacy can be seen in the quality services provided by E.E.Muir & Sons P/L, as they continue to supply horticultural producers across Australia with skilled agronomists and a wide range of proven Fertilisers and Plant Protection Products.

A good friend … sadly missed

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