Vegetable Apprenticeships and Training

The search is on for guidance from vegetable employers on the types of training and accreditation to be offered to employees.

Recently Tony Imeson (VGA Exec. Officer) & Rod Hall (VGA Membership Services) attended a Public Hearing of the ‘Education & Training Committee of the Parliament of Victoria’.

VGA-Victoria is committed to participating in this process – particularly when industry training providers and regulators are urging participation and submissions from VGA-Vic, on the training needs of vegetable growing businesses.

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Vegetable Apprenticeships and Training
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Another opportunity for input comes from the Primary Skills Victoria survey which seeks information about training facilities, courses, and most importantly, training preferences for the future.

Government support for your local TAFE or the development of private training organisations, is one of the important issues undergoing change.

VGA Members are encouraged to take the opportunity to declare their preferences at this crucial time.

Formal training and accreditation will raise the performance and formally acknowledges the competency of your staff and the contribution they make to your business.

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You can participate in the survey at:

The survey will take less than 15 minutes and will provide valuable insight into the training needs of vegetable businesses.

See Also :   Primary Skills Victoria – website

For more information contact :

Slobodan Vujovic
IDO – East
Helena Whitman
IDO – West

0422 583 784

0407 772 299


Rod Hall
VGA Membership Services
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