What is a head of lettuce?

(revised 21 July 2013)

Although the answer seems obvious to lettuce growers, this is not as clear cut when it comes to what appears on the label of many of the crop protectants used by the Industry.

Part of the problem comes back to the definition of what is a lettuce or what is head lettuce.

What is a head of lettuce ?
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Under AVPMA guidelines, there are separate MRL classifications for lettuce leaf, lettuce head and leafy vegetables. Certain lettuce varieties also have an individual classification.

Iceberg head lettuce

Iceberg lettuce is the only component classified as lettuce head. All other lettuce components are classified as leafy vegetables and occasionally as lettuce leaf or an individual classification.

Growers need to careful when choosing a crop protection product and check if the lettuce classification is listed on the label (note: if the label only specifies lettuce head, the product can only be used on iceberg lettuce).

Other Lettuce types
There are separate APVMA classifications for lettuce leaf, head lettuce and leafy vegetables

If it’s not on the label, check if there is a MRL listed for the commodity to be treated.

Follow the product label directions and observe all relevant pattern of use, withholding periods and restraint statements before harvesting and combining into a salad mix.

Visit the FSANZ website for commodity MRLs :


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