White Blister – Cabbage

White blister disease, caused by the fungus Albugo candida, was recently found on a cabbage crop in Werribee South.

The disease was confirmed on a sample of cabbage – variety Avachat. This is the first report of white blister on a commercial cabbage crop in Australia.

Dr Liz Minchinton, from DPI Knoxfield said :

“The incidence of white blister on cabbage plants
   was very high

with eight out of ten plants affected”

“The good news is there was no white blister on an
   adjacent crop of Savoy King cabbage at this time”

White Blister on Cabbage
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White blister first appeared on broccoli and cauliflower crops in the summer of 2001-2002 and decimated broccoli production resulting in a complete change of broccoli varieties grown in the area and the application of fungicide sprays all year round.

A similar situation may emerge with white blister on cabbage.

Dr Joanna Petkowski, also from DPI Knoxfield, conducted variety trials on cabbage seedlings between 2004 to 2009 where she found the cabbage varieties Atlas, Sugarloaf, Sweet Eureka, Gilson, NIZ17-1035 and NIZ17-1155, were resistant to white blister, but resistance may vary in the field on mature cabbage.

White blister disease first appears as round, raised white spots on the under surface of leaves.

Cabbage crops should be regularly inspected for white blister and the appropriate action taken to reduce white blister damage.

Control white blister with a combination of management practices including:

  • minimising leaf wetness,
  • maintaining good air movement in the crop
  • a spray program using fungicides registered or permitted
    for use on cabbage in Victoria.


VG04013 White Blister – Control Strategies  (2005)

VG07070 White Blister – Cultural Controls  (2009)

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