White Blister Field Day

VGA Vic Executive Manager, Helena Whitman joined Growers and industry experts at the White Blister field day in Werribee last week.

Local growers are facing crop losses of up to 100 per cent due to the White Blister fungal disease.

The event was hosted by the 1800 Agronomist hotline and featured DEPI White Blister expert, Dr Liz Minchinton.

White Blister Field Day
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Dr Minchinton said that White Blister thrives in damp conditions and creates white blisters and swellings on leaves and heads of broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower plants.

One reason the disease was more prevalent in the Werribee area was due to the close proximity of farms to the coast and to each other.

Stephen Moore, EE Muir & Sons
Stephen Moore (E.E. Muir & Sons), explains the field trials

The disease requires leaf wetness and only affects new growth.

Overhead irrigation keeps leaves wet and can make conditions favourable for the disease.

Dr Minchinton also said that growing resistant cultivars is the most economic and effective way to control White Blister and protectant products need to be used to prolong their resistance.

When using plant protectant products, rotate through different groups to extend their effectiveness and only use products registered for controlling white blister on your crop.

For more information contact :

Helena Whitman
VGA Executive Manager
0407 772 299

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