Young Growers Join VGA Committee

The appointment of two young growers to the VGA committee will provide a fresh outlook from younger growers who are accepting operational and management responsibilities.

Like many young growers, both Nick Patsuris and Paul Doria work on their family farms and also at the Melbourne Wholesale Markets.

Nick Patsuris wants to see some progress on lifting the 2009 moratorium on bore water for irrigation, now that the long drought has finally broken.

Young Growers Join VGA Committee
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A balance of generational views and opinions is important to ensure that VGA Victoria meet the needs of all vegetable growers and to provide opportunities for tomorrows industry leaders.

Paul Doria will join his father Vince on the VGA committee and is looking to understand more about the wide range of issues facing Victorian vegetable growers.

VGA President, Luis Gazzola said “We appreciate the commitment shown by both these young men and look forward to their contribution during 2011”.

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