Vegetables Victoria

Fresh vegetables are essential for a healthy life style but few people appreciate our high quality produce until they travel overseas. Few places in the world have the variety of fresh local crops that Victorians enjoy 52 weeks of the year.

The following list shows many of the wide range of locally grown vegetables avaliable to Victorians throughout the year.

Artichoke Coriander Potato
Asian vegetables Cucumber Pumpkin
Asparagus Eggplant Radicchio
Beans Endive Radish – daikon
Beetroot Fennel Radish – red round
Broccoli Herbs – various Rhubarb
Brocolini Kale Salad Mixes
Brussels sprouts Kohl Rabi Shallots
Cabbage – white Leek Silverbeet
Cabbage – red Lettuce – cos Spinach
Cabbage – savoy Lettuce – iceberg Swede
Capsicum Lettuce – fancy Sweet Corn
Carrot Onion – brown Tomato
Carrot – Dutch Onion – salad Turnip
Cauliflower Onion – spring Witlof
Celeriac Parsley Zucchini
Celery Parsnips  
Chillies Peas – green  
Chives Peas – snow  

Victoria’s climate and soils suit vegetable production with growers growing root vegetables in deep sands and crucifers in the heavier clay-loams across the southern half of the state and along the Murray river.

Much of our vegetable seed is grown in central Victoria and vegetables for processing in Gippsland.

Local vegetable produce

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