Freshcare Limited was formed in 2000, as a not-for-profit company, to manage the Freshcare Program on behalf of the horticultural industry.

Freshcare has been developed as a national, industry-owned food safety program suitable for all growers of fresh produce, including organic growers.

The fresh produce industry is recognised as being proactive in implementing effective food safety programs throughout the supply chain. From primary production to retail shelf, the fresh produce industry is ahead of many other Australian agribusiness sectors.

The Freshcare program aims to:

  • provide a simple, cost effective option for fresh produce producers to implement their own on-farm food safety systems
  • support the industry as a whole with a program that, through independent third party assessments, provides confi dence in the food safety status of fresh produce
  • support retailers, wholesalers, packers and processors with an upstream (on-farm) program, focused on food safety, that integrates effectively with their own quality and food safety system

FreshCare HACCP Food Safety program
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On-farm, Freshcare has become the industry’s most widely adopted food safety program, with membership exceeding 3000 growers nationally. Freshcare components The Freshcare Program is based on Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points principles.

In developing the plan that underpins Freshcare, potential on-farm food safety risks for the fresh produce sector were identified and assessed. This information was used to establish farm practices and requirements to control potential problems.

The Freshcare Code of Practice was then developed from this plan. The Code requires risk assessments to be completed for inputs such as water, chemicals, fertilisers and soil. The Code of Practice describes the on-farm practices growers need in place to ensure they are meeting the food safety and quality requirements of both customers and consumers.

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